Thursday, November 4, 2010

dah siap !

1. name one person who made you laugh last nite.
hmmm...:) !

2. what were you doing 1 hour ago?
teman cik polos g beli nasik lemak kt tingkat atas je pon !
*ulang..kt tngkat atas je pon !

3. what was the last thing you said out loud?
kamo ni mgadee laahhh !

4. where's the next place you're going to?
my katil ! dream of my prince charming !

5. what was the last thing you paid for?
vanilla coke !

6. where were you last night?
dlm bilik ng cik polos..layan movie the vampire diaries !

7. whats the best ice cream flavor?
 mcflurry cornetto !

8. do you wanna cut your hair?
ohh !never..

9. do you love to melatah?
nope ! mntak jauh..

10. if that so ( melatah ), what will you said out loud?
oh mak engkau jatuh ! tp da lame tnggal..tuh zaman sekola dulu2

11. what does the last message you received say?
huda, along nk bagitau..poni da masuk hospital..
doakan semuanya selamat yee !
*along suaminya poni tsayang !

12. will you get married in the future? will be live hepyly ever after !

13. do you chew on your straw?
kadang2..bila bosan ! 
14. do you make up your own words?
beauty2 !

15. is there anyone you love right now?
:"> !

16. tag to other 5 bloggers
zulaikha zulkifli

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